Sarah McDaniel Horsemanship


In addition to boarding, I offer lessons and training.

Lessons are available throughout the spring and summer as weather permits. Lesson slots are limited so don’t be afraid to reach out any time of the year to get on my list. I teach both western and english riding.

What my students have to say:

“Sarah is very patient and kind. She teaches in a way that makes it fun and easy for children to understand. Highly recommended her!” ~ Antonia

“Sarah is an amazing instructor. She’s kind, patient and always knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking lessons with her.” ~Charleen

“Sarah is an amazing instructor and incredible role model to work with young people. She is very patient with horses and riders and always about safety first. I whole heartedly recommend her!” ~ Peggy

“I have taken many lessons from Sarah, she is so awesome! She is patient and teaches in a way that all learning types can benefit. My daughter is now starting lessons with her too and we are both so excited! I highly recommend Sarah!!” ~Danielle

“Nubsie” is an excellent pony. I’m so thankful to have her in my program.
One hour of instruction. Base price is $35 if you bring your own horse. Add $10 per lesson horse. Lesson time includes optional “Adventure” in the back part of the property. Trekking up and down hills, maneuvering through branches, over logs and perhaps catching a glimpse of wildlife or the abandoned old cabin. This is usually the favorite part of the lesson for students.
My gentle lesson horses are the perfect place to start learning to ride or to boost your confidence after losing it. I offer a laid-back fun and safety conscience environment to learn in.
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