Horse Training

Offering a quiet and solid foundation to build on.

I am mostly a teaching facility, but will accept training horses on a case-by-case basis.

I do NOT accept 30 day starts. Colt starting has a 60 day minimum with 90 days preferred. Tune-ups can be hourly, weekly on monthly depending on the horse.

What to expect during my horse’s time with you?
Improved manners while catching, leading, tying, grooming and saddling.
I take a lot of time developing polite acceptance and removal of the bridle. Who wants a horse hard to bridle?
Kind desensitizing with purpose. Learning to give the feet as they are the gateway to the horse’s mind. This includes leading by all 4 feet.
An average of 10 rides. Some horses are ready for more, some less.
Time out of the arena at least ponied on the trail. Some are ready to ride, some aren’t, but everyone gets to go.
Exposure to kids, bikes, farm animals, some traffic.

Training fee $600 plus applicable board package. Many references available.

I still have small children, so I am not accepting the following: Stallions and horses known to be aggressive.

All horses are required to have a veterinarian issued health certificate and current (within 6 months) dental work. This helps protect you, me, and others and ensures your horse is comfortable and ready to learn.

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