About Me

When I was 22 years old I had just graduated from Canyonview Equestrian College and was looking to start working in a ministry with horses somewhere. While I was praying about this I told God I’d go anywhere He asked me to, but please not Texas or Washington….. but if it was Washington, could it be Eastern?
Little did I know a few months later I’d pack all my belongings to move to north of Spokane, WA to start working at a Guest Ranch. I was in love, training horses, doing kid’s camps, taking Dude’s on trail rides. My whole life I knew I’d wanted to teach riding lessons and be a mother. I was so blessed to get to work all over the states, be a groom in a Dressage barn in Germany, and spend so much time in the saddle.
A few years later I fell in love. We were married shortly after and had a baby not too much later. I left my position at the camp, and focused on my family. We had another baby and moved to Deer Park. Here I managed to still teach during the summers and enjoyed a few summers teaching 4-H horse camp. Always hungry for more knowledge, I rode in clinics with Bryan Neubert, Scott DePaulo and Mike Harness, and Wendy Murdoch.
We moved to Cusick, WA to caretake at the Fairgrounds in 2014. It was a busy time and I did have to take a few years off from teaching because I was working so much, but this allowed us to save up for a place of our own. During this time I still enjoyed helping my older kids with their own horses.
May of 2018 we bought 10 acres in Newport. It was very run-down, in fact I dubbed it the “Redneck Resort” because it came with a falling-apart hot tub, and above ground pool put in a hole in the backyard. But we saw through the much-needed “sweat equity” to the beauty hidden beneath all the stumps and car parts and random garbage we have been picking up for months. We are surrounded on 2 sides by 90 acres of timber ground, so we can hike and ride on that and gives us the feeling of living in the wild. We see moose, bear, deer, turkeys and more. The stars at night will take your breath away, and it’s so peaceful here, I know it’s where I want to live out my days.
We have a lot of work to go, but I’m so excited about the future. This summer I’m offering riding lessons to help lay the foundation for the program I am building. I hope to be able to offer day camps again someday, as my love for the ministry started when I was a Wrangler at a horse camp when I was 19. My program will never be about ribbons and showing and winning (although that’s fun!) but my heart is really with helping people just getting started to fall in love with these beautiful creatures. My emphasis is on safety, knowledge and fun. I’m living my dream, and hope that I can help you get started with yours.
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