Lone Larch Horse Boarding

Happy horses is my number one goal here. Horses are herd animals so they are paired up with friends as much as possible.

Boarding spot now available. Preference given to two horses able to live together.


Outdoor Arena

Our 72′ by 100′ outdoor arena has natural sandy footing that is worked regularly. It is big enough to lope comfortably in, but small enough to use for groundwork if needed. The arena will slowly grow larger and eventually we’ll add a separate round pen. We do get a generous amount of snow, so the arena is “seasonal” but very useful most months of the year.


Whether you’re looking for a quiet stroll through the woods or to conquer hill and dale, we have a little of both, or anything in between. Our 10 acres is paddocks and homestead in the front and trails on the back 2/3. We are at the end of the road and have no visible neighbors at all. We have a handful of trails on the property and many acres to ride within just a short haul. I also am building a fun trail obstacle course.

Custom Care

It’s my goal that horses are able to eat throughout the day as nature intended for optimal gut health. I also feed a custom mineral designed just for our area, and offer 4 choices of salt blocks to each horse.

Standard Board Package: $300 per month. This includes custom mineral, salt, and generous amounts of Timothy hay.

Plus Board Package: $325 per month. This includes the above and 4 times yearly deworming. Scheduling the farrier every 8 weeks and catching/holding for farrier also included in this package. Blanketing and fly masks too.

Premium Board Package: $400/month. Add weekly grooming and alfalfa to the Plus package. Premium Board includes a private paddock for hard keepers who need plenty of time to eat. Need meals soaked? No problem!

Alfalfa and grain available also for harder keepers. I’m happy to tweak any package for you so it’s the best value as I know not all horses are one size fits all needs. Contact me for more custom care. We offer grooming or even exercise to keep your horse in shape. Discount available for two or more horses.

All horses are visible from my house and I have a friendly but alert livestock protection dog that alerts to wildlife, visitors and any other excitement.

Looking for a retirement plan? Oldies are my FAVORITE. Let me spoil your friend for the rest of their days.

Always Improving…

2019 Saw a LOT of exciting changes here. When we purchased the land in 2018 it was full of stumps and debris. We brought in a bulldozer and started from scratch, clearing a spot for the arena and leveling horse paddocks. Current fencing is 3 strand electric tape with generously sized paddocks suitable for one or two horses.

My 2020 brought more permanent fencing, a trail course and a 16’X32′ shelter over two paddocks. Each side has a generous place to get out of the elements with a friend.

2021 brought a new arena with excellent footing, cones, and dressage letters!

Here at Lone Larch we’re committed to giving your horse the best care. Many generations of horsemanship run in our blood and we’re excited to share this wonderful slice of heaven with you.